Pearls for Implanting a Carlevale IOL

Pearls for Implanting a Carlevale IOL

Kai Januschowski, MD. Lukas Bisorca-Gassendorf, MD. Lukas Bisorca-Gassendorf, MD. Karl T. Boden, MD. Annekatrin Rickmann, MD

A brief overview of the steps for a sutureless scleral-fixated IOL in the absence of capsular support. There are several reasons surgeons choose to implant a scleral-fixated IOL, including the dislocation of an existing IOL due to pseudoexfoliation syndrome or traumatic aphakia with an altered anterior segment anatomy, and uveitis glaucoma hyphema. The introduction of the Carlevale IOL provided a useful solution for scleral-fixated IOLs and is currently on-label in Europe (though not yet approved by the US FDA). …

RT Retina Today. Global Perspektives. November/December 2022

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